CBME China 2024

17-19 July 2024 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China

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Industry Insights

As the market wanes and pain points become more pronounced, every player in the mother and baby industry is seeking such an opportunity to reverse the trend. Our focus is on the children's outdoor clothing category. The following article will elaborate on the specific data and analysis in detail.
Although the birth rate in China has declined in recent years, the market for maternal and baby nutrition products continues to expand. This is attributed to the increased spending power of families with babies and young children, as well as the elevated parenting concepts.
Korean baby supplement brand BeBecook has achieved the top position in the South Korean Market, boasting a market share exceeding 30%. How did the company achieve such a high market share? What are the differences between the baby complementary food market in China and Korea? Read this article and find the answer.
The Chinese baby food market is on a trajectory toward substantial growth, with an anticipated value of approximately US$27.28 billion by 2030, Research and Markets reported.
The consumption Trend in the Spring Festival reflects some new trends in the Chinese maternity and baby industry in 2024.
China has successively launched a number of visa policy to further facilitate the exchange of personnel between China and foreign countries.