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Latest Insights into the Lifestyle and Consumption Preferences of New Mother-Baby Groups: Z-Generation Mothers Moving to the Center of the Stage

Z-Generation Mothers’ thoughts

One moment, the millennials were the dominant force in consumption; the next, the Z-generation born after 1995 has taken center stage.

Growing up in an era of economic prosperity and material abundance, the Z-generation has demonstrated true “youthful ignorance of sorrow” in terms of consumption habits, willingness and capabilities, surpassing any previous generation.

Statistics show that while they account for less than 20% of the total population, they contribute up to 40% of consumption. 

Today, as the oldest members of the Z-generation approach their thirties, they have gradually entered the “newbie” stage of marriage and childbirth, becoming the main force in childbirth and a backbone of the mother-infant market. With their immense consumption volume and significant consumption power, this generation of confident consumers is beginning to wield increasing influence.

This Mother’s Day, let’s focus on the Z-generation mothers who are moving to the center of the stage.

Preview: From July 17 to 19, 2024, the CBME VISION Future Mother-Infant Lifestyle Show will return in full force, helping practitioners in the maternity and infant industry gain insights into the annual new trends of post-wave mother-infant consumption and unlock new trends in future mother-infant lifestyle consumption.

Venue: North Hall of the CBME New Hall, the first floor of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

For specific content regarding the CBME VISION Future Mother-Infant Lifestyle Show, please stay tuned to CBME Insight‘s subsequent posts. Let’s foresee the annual outstanding products of post-wave mother-infant consumption together.

01 Everyone is A Virgo. 

To find a 360° flawless product, Z-generation mothers can delve deeply into even the most obscure and abstract ingredients and processes, comparing similar products on the market without hesitation. According to Consumer Insights for Z-Generation New Mother-Infant Groups 2023, 58% of Z-generation mothers habitually research and understand products available on the market when purchasing mother-infant products, while 46% compare parameters in detail, study ingredient lists, and select the most suitable products for their babies.

It is foreseeable that as the overall academic qualifications of young mothers improve and information transparency deepens, there will be more and more “demanding” experts, detail controllers and ingredient enthusiasts.

02 Packaging is Everything

The Z-generation loves beautiful things. Open RED app, and you’ll find numerous popular posts tagged with “ins-style,” “minimalism,” “good-looking,” “girly,” and so on.

In the mother-infant industry, there is also a large group of products with pretty packaging. Even some brands that have not yet officially entered the Chinese market have garnered attention from many KOCs and KOLs through their high-quality materials, designs, and colors. Other brands collaborate with designers or launch limited editions to enhance the aesthetic value of their products, conquering the discriminating tastes of Z-generation mothers.

03 Life is an experience

“Half is about daily necessities, and the other half is about fairy tales and green fields,” Jessica, born in 1998, wrote in her WeChat Moments about her parent-child camping experience during the May Day holiday.

Like Jessica, more and more young people satisfy their spiritual aesthetics through experiential consumption. 77% of Z-generation consumers said that their most beautiful memories come from participating in live events. 

As experiential consumption is internalized by the Z-generation as a way to escape the monotony of daily life and achieve happiness and self-realization, this opens up new ideas for immersive marketing for mother-infant companies — parent-child camping, theme parks, exhibitions, movies and even escape rooms and murder mystery games can all become levers to engage young audiences.

04 Not just children, but also poetry and the world

While the post-80s generation still sings, “Who comes from mountains, lakes and seas but is confined to day and night, kitchen and love?”, the Z-generation has sung loudly, “I am me, a different kind of spark.”

This group of Z-generation mothers is starting to reshape the mother-infant parenting landscape. They are overturning the stereotype of “selfless dedication,” no longer trapped by baby bottles and diapers. While juggling work and family, they also make time for themselves in beauty salons, gyms and hobby classes.

A survey by the CBNData on mothers from high-tier cities with high education and income levels shows that these new-generation cool moms have strong self-pleasuring consumption needs. They not only consume the most in appearance-related categories, but over 90% of them rely on exercise to maintain a healthy figure. While focusing on their children’s education, nearly 70% are enthusiastic about improving their professional skills, and over 30% engage in learning languages in daily life. 

05 Lazy people have their own lazy ways

For Z-generation mothers, another synonym for a quality life is “refined laziness.” Thanks to modern technology and professional services, the opposing concepts of “refined” and “lazy” are perfectly integrated. 

According to Analysys research data, 51% of Z-generation mothers prefer to purchase smart mother-infant products. From electric cradles to automatic milk powder makers, from intelligent baby socks to sleep-sensing mats, the support of black technology makes parenting life both efficient and reassuring.

Furthermore, under the trend of “everything can be delivered home,” many mother-infant companies are also experimenting with “instant retail” to satisfy the lazy and homebound crowd.

06 Proud to be Chinese

Wearing traditional Chinese bracelets, brewing tea, wearing traditional Chinese clothes… Although growing up in the era of internet, the Z-generation is the most confident in traditional culture.

According to the Insight Report on Young Consumers of Chinese Trendy Brands released by Xinhua News and the Poison App, compared to 10 years ago, the popularity of Chinese brands has increased by more than five times, and post-90s and post-00s consumers contribute 74% of the share in the consumption of Chinese brands across all industries. Additionally, data from Analysys shows that 57% of Z-generation mothers have purchased Chinese brand mother-infant products.

On April 1st of this year, CCTV’s program Traveling Around China also focused on the currently popular and attractive “new Chinese toys”: mortise and tenon joints, shadow puppets, Long paper flowers and turtle fish lanterns. These Chinese wisdom, aesthetics and traditional skills that have traveled through thousands of years are using their vibrant vitality to proclaim to the world: The essence of bloodline awakening is the preservation of national memory, the inheritance of national spirit and the continuation of historical civilization. They may be late, but they will never disappear.

CBME Insight

New generations bring new values and consumer trends. As more and more Generation Z mothers take center stage, their consumption concepts and attitudes are beginning to release forward-looking and guiding influences that will shape the future.

Consumers are always young,” and for those in the maternity and baby industry, understanding and studying the lifestyles and consumption preferences of Generation Z mothers, in addition to honing their internal strengths, is crucial to achieving long-term success.

We should understand them, earn their trust and become one of them. As the door to the future has opened, this time, whether new entrants or established players, everyone stands on the same starting line.

Preview: The CBME VISION Future Maternity and Baby Life Show will return from July 17 to 19, 2024, helping industry professionals gain insights into the latest consumer trends among younger mothers and unlock new trends in future maternity and baby lifestyle consumption. 

Venue: North Hall of the CBME New Hall, the first floor of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

For more detailed information about the CBME VISION Future Maternity and Baby Life Show, please follow CBME Insight for future updates.

From now until 17:00 on July 16, pre-registered visitors can enter the event for free. During the exhibition from July 17 to 19, on-site registration will require a ticket purchase (100 yuan).


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