CBME China 2024

17-19 July 2024 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China

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Organized by CBME, the CBME AWARDS have been a prestigious accolade in China’s children, baby and maternity industry since its successful launch in 2014. CBME AWARDS, as a product category awards IP of CBME, consistently selects products that are aesthetically pleasing, innovative, and promising, combining fashion sense and new trends. These awards introduce authoritative and forward-looking evaluation dimensions to the maternal and baby industry, with a fair and objective selection mechanism, assisting numerous maternal and baby products in successfully transitioning from debut to market realization. 

In 2024, the CBME AWARDS  benefits continue to escalate, with entrants enjoying exclusive exposure opportunities and the introduction of a new award category called “Sustainability Awards”, which highlights environmentally sustainable products. This initiative aims to foster global social and economic improvement through sustainable development, ensuring a comprehensive and steady progression. 

Furthermore, CBME has convened an impressive jury comprising renowned designers, product experts, platform representatives, maternal and baby influencers, and influential channel representatives from both domestic and international circles, tasked with a comprehensive evaluation to uplift product quality across the industry and explore annual premium products for children, baby and maternity consumption. 

Three Major Awards

 Attractive Appearance Awards 

The Attractive Appearance Awards is set for the excellent innovation of the product appearance design in the children, baby and maternity industry of the year, encouraging the children, baby and maternity enterprises to continually produce products with attractive appearance. 


Innovative Design Awards

The Innovative Design Awards honors the most outstanding innovations in product performance, including patents in functionality, craftsmanship, materials, etc., within the children, baby and maternity industry of the year. It motivates companies to enhance their independent R&D capabilities and design products that better meet consumer needs. 


Sustainability Awards

The Sustainability Awards recognizes products within the children, baby and maternity industry that exemplify sustainable development principles, impacting aspects such as functionality, raw materials, production, and packaging. It encourages the industry to increase its commitment to social responsibility and collaboratively forge a low-carbon future.

Award Benefits

 1. Registration Stage 

1.1 Free RegistrationAll maternal and baby brands are invited to participate in the awards, with registration free of charge. 

1.2 Brand ExposureBrands and products that register successfully will be showcased through CBME’s official WeChat accounts, industry communities, and other media outlets. 

1.3 Physical Display: Products registered will have the opportunity to be part of the offline judging phase, where they will be exhibited.


2. Nomination Phase 

2.1 Expert TestingLeading experts in the maternal and baby industry will personally test and review the products, facilitating a swift enhancement of product reputations. 

2.2 Nominee AnnouncementThe list of nominated products will be announced across CBME’s official channels and media partners. 

2.3 Online Public VotingProminent maternal and baby platforms across the network will conduct joint public voting, engaging hundreds of thousands of consumers. 

2.4 Industry Group RecommendationsThe top 20 national maternal and baby channel purchasing managers and more than 40,000 professional buyers will be informed about the nominated products. 

2.5 On-site ExhibitionAt the CBME China, both nominated and awarded products will be displayed to over 100,000 buyers. 

2.6 Business MatchingProducts that successfully reach the nomination phase will be eligible for business matching opportunities at CBME China. 


3. Awards Phase 

3.1 Official EndorsementCBME will issue trophies and certificates at the awarding ceremony, endorsing the brands. 

3.2 VIP InvitationRepresentatives from winning brands will be invited to the CBME AWARDS Awarding Ceremony. 

3.3 Blanket ExposureThe list of winners will be widely publicized through more than 100 media partners, significantly enhancing product and brand visibility and achieving widespread exposure. 

3.4 Prime Display LocationAward-winning products will be prominently displayed at CBME China, accessible to over 100,000 buyers, with designated markings for awarded products. 

3.5 Shared BenefitsWinning products will enjoy all the benefits of both the registration and nomination phases. 

Selection Process

 April 11 – May 11: Registration Stage

Brand owners submit relevant complete materials according to the application requirements for various awards.


April 18 – May 11: Sample Mailing

To assist the judging panel in making an objective and fair evaluation based on a direct understanding of product performance and material characteristics, participants are required to mail their contest samples within the specified timeframe. 


May 23 – May 24: Offline Nomination Review Session

Scoring in the nomination phase constitutes 60% of the final decision, with results to be publicly announced before the commencement of public voting. 


June 7 – June 23: Public Voting

Public voting makes up 40% of the final decision, split equally between industry votes and consumer votes, each contributing 20% to the total. 


July 17Awarding Ceremony 

The grand reveal of the 2024 CBME: AWARDS will be held at the awarding ceremony. This event will showcase the results to over 500 key players in the children, baby and maternity industry, including influential brand merchants, retailers, agents, and media representatives. Trophies and honor certificates will be awarded to representatives of the winning brands. 


July 17 – July 19: On-site Exhibition 

CBME China will feature a special area dedicated to displaying the nominated and winning products of the CBME AWARDS. Top channel merchants and agents will be invited to evaluate the products, while well-known maternal and baby influencers will create live vlogs at the event. Visitors will engage with the exhibitors and can connect via QR code scanning.

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