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World’s Smallest Stroller Wins Guinness Book of World Record


Every parent knows that there is little more annoying than trying to
fold up a stroller, pack it into a car, and then unfold it once you
arrive at your destination — all with kids in tow and a million other
things to carry. But what if we told you those days of wrestling with
your child’s stroller might be long gone?
The GB Pockit stroller — officially in the Guinness Book of World
Records as the world’s most compact stroller — weighs only 9 pounds and
can be folded small enough to be carry-on airplane luggage. Once folded —
in one of two different ways — the Pockit is self-standing, snaps
together, and can be carried easily. It pops back open in less than a
second and can support kiddos from the age of 6 months to a weight of 55
The stroller will be available to the public in the Spring, and while
there's no word yet on the price, we have a feeling that quite a few
mamas will be running out for it as soon as it hits the shelves.

Source: popsugar.com