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There are Different Interesting Market Niches for the Babycare Sector |CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo, Baby market news

María Costa, director of kids and free time investigation from AIJU, tells us in this interview how the toy and babycare sectors are adapting to the society changes. Moreover, she gives us her point of view about how professionals should handle with this changes in order to take as much advantage as possible of the current market. The full interview is available in the  January/February Puericultura Market magazine.

– Do you consider that companies are betting on the innovation? How should they work in this sector?

– In my opinion, the babycare is a sector that innovates overall. However, I think that this is an industry where there are still some oportunities to keep on innovating. For example, understanding how the families live, it is possible to find solutions to the daily situations of each kind of parents.

– Which categories and products are adapting better to the new consumer needs?

– It depends a lot on the target of the families we are talking about. For the parents who prefer the adherence style, there are many different solutions of baby carriers and also some kind of cribs which allow to sleep with the baby, but not more stuff. For the parents who look for the effectiveness and funtionallity, specially regarding the currently flats and appartments size, the products which combine different solutions in one, such as a high chairs-normal chair-hammok, are answering very good to this reality.

– And, what does the consumer look for in the babycare products?

– As I said before, each kind and style of parent has got different needs and search a product with specific characteristics. But talking in general lines, the consumers of today want to find solutions which make their life easier and which, understanding their parental style, help them feeling quitter with their election as parents.