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The New passion for fatherhood | CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo

Many manufacturers right now are discovering new fathers as a target group.For German men, the passion for fatherhood is growing slowly but surely. According to Germany’s Federal Statistics Office, as many as 34.2% of new fathers in 2014 took up their right to statutory paternity leave, an increase of 2.2% compared to 2013. This means that more than one in three children spend more time with Dad these days. Dads are thus more likely to get actively involved when it comes to organising leisure time and a child-oriented household. However, it’s difficult to determine how the purchasing decisions of fathers differ to those of mothers in terms of textiles, toys and transport. But one thing is clear: fathers’ expectations are changing. This is true even though paternity leave is lower than maternity leave in terms of the statutory compensation: a significant 79% of fathers in 2014 chose to use only the two-month minimum period for paid paternity leave.

87% of mothers, in contrast, exercised their right to the 12-month maximum period of maternity leave. According to a study by a company in 2016, only 11% of fathers spent more than three months at home with the new baby. 66%, however, would have preferred to take a longer paternity leave.

But fathers are also making small “sacrifices” outside the context of statutory parental leave. The keyword: movement. Almost no father nowadays will buy a car that he cannot use with his family.As a result, the Bavarian car manufacturer launched a 4-door Active Tourer in 2014.

Resource: Luna Journal