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17-19 July 2024 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China

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The Children, Baby and Maternity Industry Is Experiencing A Green Environmental Protection Trend, With Many Exhibitors Joining the CBME Green Action

Currently, green, low-carbon and sustainable development have gradually become the consensus of the international community, and various industries are actively taking action to fulfill their mission in this era.

Among those industries, there’s certainly the children and maternity industry. In the industry that cares for the healthy growth of the next generation, there are already a number of seed players at the forefront. For example, Pigeon actively develops and promotes green products and packaging; Feihe carries out factory carbon reduction actions; Babycare develops and produces 100% degradable cotton wipes; Xtep children use environmentally friendly fiber fabrics as the core product of their ecological environmental protection platform planning.

These brands’ green actions are all building a sustainable future for the children and maternity industry. In addition, many exhibitors participating in the CBME show also use environmentally friendly materials and launch zero-carbon booths.

Regarding sustainable development, Informa has already taken actions and hopes that more companies will join us to work together to make a difference for the green earth.

Informa’s sustainable development strategy – FasterForward

Informa, as a member of the FTSE4Good index, is committed to making the Informa exhibition have a positive impact on humanity and the earth. By building the connections and knowledge that people need, we hope to play a key role in improving the sustainability of the exhibition industry and helping them solve major challenges in the future.

In 2020, Informa launched the FasterForward plan. According to the plan, we promise to achieve zero waste and zero carbon business faster:

  • By 2025, we will achieve carbon neutrality for businesses and all products, and reduce the waste generated by our products and exhibitions by half
  • By 2030 or earlier, we will achieve zero waste and net zero carbon.

Informa’s sustainable development initiatives

Informa’s sustainable development plan includes an important task of promoting and implementing the Better Stands program. This program helps exhibitors build better, safer, more time-saving and more sustainable booths by gradually phasing out disposable booths, and it also provides a better experience for exhibitors.

Why initiate the Better Stands program?

Currently, the exhibition industry is facing challenges of sustainable development. In particular, the use of disposable booths runs counter to the concept of sustainability.

The so-called disposable booth refers to a booth that uses raw materials for special booth construction and is only used once during the exhibition, and will be dismantled and destroyed at the end of the event. The construction materials cannot be reused.

Disposable booths pose a threat to the environment, health, and safety:

  • The construction will generate waste. On average, a traditional special booth will use 4 tons of construction materials.
  • The construction is unsafe and the risk factor increases.
  • The use and processing of disposable materials at the event will generate more dust and toxic substances.

What are the benefits of choosing a green booth for exhibitors?

Demonstrating a sustainable brand image

For exhibitors, participating in a green booth plan can fulfill their social responsibilities, establish their brand image, and better impress consumers and partners. For customers participating in a green booth plan, Informa will issue a certificate to help them enhance their brand’s positive influence.

Fully furnished and ready to move in

The exhibitors do not need to worry about the design and construction process of the booth, as they can simply bring their own exhibits and promotional materials to the venue and start displaying them immediately. This “ready to move in” experience greatly simplifies the exhibition process, allowing exhibitors to focus on their presentations and business activities.

Saving communication costs

Usually, companies need to communicate with designers and construction teams multiple times to ensure that the design of the booth meets their needs. However, the green booths are built in a unified manner by the organizer, allowing companies to save valuable time by eliminating these cumbersome communication tasks.

Reducing disposal costs

After the exhibition ends, disposing of booth waste is a headache for exhibitors. Especially for bare-space exhibitors, they need to have their builders remove the remaining waste from the exhibition hall and spend a certain amount of money on disposal. However, participating in a green booth plan eliminates this hassle, allowing exhibitors to simply bring their own promotional materials and exhibits and start displaying them immediately.

At CBME China 2024, we will also audit the construction materials used by self-built exhibitors, presenting a green exhibition.

Green can also be beautiful

Following the concept of Informa’s green booth, a series of environmentally-friendly custom booth designs have been introduced on the basis of the original standard booth configuration for CBME China 2024. We provide exhibitors with a variety of different styles of booth design options, allowing them to choose according to their budget and requirements.

If you are interested in booking a green booth, please contact your business specialist!

The road to sustainable development is long and arduous. We know that achieving sustainable development goals requires more than just a green booth plan. We can do more to create a green ecosystem. To this end, we would like to propose to all exhibitors and visitors:

In the future, Informa will continue to promote sustainable development strategies and contribute to the development of the exhibition industry with “green power“. At the same time, we also call on all exhibitors and visitors to actively respond to our green initiatives, so that we can work together to contribute to a sustainable future.


Informa will continue to work hard to integrate sustainable development into all our work, and achieve long-term economic and social development through sustainable development, thereby improving the global environment, social and economic conditions.

For more information about Informa’s sustainable development, please visit: www.informa.com/sustainability


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