CBME China 2024

17-19 July 2024 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China

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The Brands From Spain Take up Positions in China

Children's brands from Spain are consolidating their presence in Asia.

With 223,000 square metres, 2,250 exhibitors, 3,000 brands and around 85,000 expected buyers, CBME China is the most important event in the world for the childhood sector, reaching the whole of Asia.


The Spanish Association for Childhood Products (ASEPRI) and CBME, the world leader in professional events related to the childhood sector specialising in emerging markets, are continuing to work together towards the clear goal of strengthening bilateral relations between Asia and Spain, and gaining recognition for brands from Spain in China and the main Asian markets that have Shanghai as their supply centre.

ASEPRI, in collaboration with the Spanish Trade Office in Shanghai, coordinates the participation of children's fashion and childcare brands from Spain at the upcoming edition of CBME Asia, to be held from 20 to 22 July at the NECC National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai, and also with the support  of  ICEX.

In this fifth edition, the childhood products sector from Spain will have a representation of 13 Spanish companies who will present their latest developments and trends in children's fashion, footwear and childcare.

Spain will be represented by top-level children's fashion brands at the Cool Kids Fashion Hall 5.2: BABYBOL, BÓBOLI, DESIGUAL, FOQUE, LEA LELO & SUSANA MAZZARINO, LOSAN, MAYORAL, TUC TUC and PAZ RODRIGUEZ. All complemented by the childcare brands located in Hall 5.1: BABYHOME, BABY MONSTERS, MORE by BABYAUTO, and MOLTO will be present in the Hall 6.1.

The main goal is for the Asian market to discover first-hand the values that identify the brands from Spain, which stand out for their design, quality, innovation and brand image. Safety, a particularly key aspect for brands from Spain, is one of the main factors that influence purchases in this market.

Sea, sun, surf from Spain! The Spanish childrenswear is prepared to take the big wave of the season. On the horizon, kilometers of white sandy beach and an ocean that never ends, sea, sun, surf in the 1st  catwalk "Fashion from Spain" , held in CBME Shanghai on next  20 July at 15 pm.

For three consecutive years, ASEPRI director Lores Segura, will be part of the jury for the Cool Kids Design Contest, the new space dedicated to top range children's and youth fashion. This parallel section of CBME will have its own exhibition and marketing space for international brands seeking to position themselves in the luxury market in China; an exclusive atmosphere with the highest level of exhibitors, brands and buyers.

Childhood product brands from Spain have been attending CBME Shanghai since 2012 and this year the event is holding its 16th edition with a notable increase and recognition in the Asian market, resulting in different business models: commercial subsidiaries, agreements with distributors, joint ventures. Babyauto, Bóboli, Mayoral and Tuc Tuc have already established their offices in Shanghai, through which to serve the Chinese clients. Babybol with its Chinese partner have opened 15 corners in department stores and we already have the first exclusive Spanish kidswear shop whose main characters are: Bóboli, Desigual, Losan, among other brands.

With 223,000 square metres, 2,250 exhibitors, 3,000 brands and around 85,000 expected buyers, CBME China 2016 will be the most important event in the world for the childhood sector, reaching the whole of Asia.


Turnover for childhood product brands from Spain in China

China has reached the 10th position in terms of turnover in the ranking of exports for the Spanish children's sector; entering in the Top Ten with an increase of 6.9% respect to the last year exercise. It is the fourth in the ranking of non-European markets behind Mexico, Russia and the US, presenting a great opportunity for childhood product companies for many different reasons: the flexibility of one-child policy, more than 16 million of newborns every year mean that the population between 0-14 years old reach 225 million. The birth numbers have increased until a 19% since 2012.

The higher purchasing power of Chinese families, which has experienced an increase in GDP per capita from $949.18 in 2000 to $14,300 in 2015, makes the Asian market one of the most attractive for sector companies. Proof of this are the over 70,000 specialised multi-brand shops located throughout the country where childcare shops are the main channel for selling children's products, accounting for 40% of sales per channel.

A visit to the CBME trade fair is undoubtedly a must in order to discover first-hand the Asian market, its tastes and preferences, and it is a unique opportunity to contact possible future sales partners.

ASEPRI Hall 5-2 Stand B34-1

ASEPRI is Children's Fashion and products for babies / Leading international sector

Promoter of brand from Spain / 300 childcare and children's fashion brands from Spain
50% increase in exports in the last 2 years / Present in over 100 markets

ASEPRI, entity partner of UNICEF in the Schools Project for Africa


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