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State standard on inflatable toys will be implemented since July 1.

According to the National Toy Standardization Technology Association, GB/T27708-2011 General Technology Requirement on Inflatable Toys was approved and issued by Standardization Administration of China and will be formally implemented since July 1, 2012.

According to insider introduction, the General Technology Requirement on Inflatable Toys was initiated by China National Light Industry Council and drafted by Fujian Inspection and Research Institute for Product Quality and other related institutes. This Standard specifies the requirements of the scope, technology requirements, testing methods, category of defects, sample and qualified verification principles of inflatable toys; This Standards is applicable for the inflatable toys for under-14-year-old children, including children playing inflatable balloons, inflatable sport mimic toys(e.g. various balls), inflatable models, inflatable bearing toys (such as inflatable furniture toys) and so on.

This Standard fills the gap of the state standards for inflatable toy products. The toy enterprises shall pay great attention to the technology requirements of inflatable toys in this Standard.