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Personal Hygiene and Beauty Products Industry has been Fast Growing in Past Years in Brazil

Personal Hygiene and Beauty Products Industry has been Fast Growing in Past Years in Brazil


 Source: CBME South America


Brazil is one of the world’s biggest markets for children’s cosmetics. According to data from Euromonitor, Brazil ranks second worldwide in the cosmetics market for babies from 0 to 3 years old and children up to 10 years old; with  50 million consumers, who represent 29.6% of Brazil’s population. Today this market is worth USD 1.9 billion, a 130.3% increase from 2007 when it was valued at USD 827.3 million.


João Carlos Basílio da Silva, chairman of Abihpec (Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetic Industry) has highlighted that this is a new and fast growing market and has emerged in the last 10-15 years. “It means that a new generation of consumers is being born”, he adds.


Personal hygiene products, such as shampoos, conditioners, children’s soap and even cosmetics are an integral part of daily lives of young boys and girls. Currently, the kid’s cosmetics product line is almost as complete as the adult’s, which means that companies invest in soaps, shampoos, conditioners, powders, creams and lotions, tooth brushes and paste, perfumes and colognes.


Same trend can be spotted at the children and baby products industry sourcing event in Brazil –CBME South America which will be held in August 26-28, 2014, a lot of exhibitors including Derma Dream, Lansinoh, Medela, Amamente Line, EME Equipment and more will attend the event showcasing their full range of personal hygiene products for kids to seek business partners and generate sales orders.


Among the kid’s personal hygiene and cosmetics categories, perfumes and colognes hold the highest share in terms of value (approx 20%), closely followed by soaps (18%), shampoo (16%), creams and lotions (11%), and dental care and hair conditioners (8% each).


To learn more about baby products market in South America, please visit http://www.cbmesa.com.br