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Organic milk dominates the organic food market

By Daxue Consulting


The for organic production, including atmosphere quality, organic irrigation water, unpolluted soil and natural processing. Organic food in China has to satisfy the following requirements:


“Complying with specific principles of agricultural production, production did not use raw materials or products generated by genetic engineering, did not use chemical syntheses such as pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators or feed additives. It also needs to follow natural rules and adopt a series of techniques to maintain sustainable agricultural production.”


Organic food production models in China: the system production is the main force


In China, most organic foods are cultivated by organized systems, not like other countries where organic foods are supplied by individuals. There are three mains organic food production models in China: the first one is that big company leases land from farmer and pays them. The second model is that under the permission of local governments, big companies sign an organic food production contract with farmers. The third one is the organic producer association. Farmers set up an association by themselves to conduct large-scale organic food production.


Due to vast cultivation areas and various climates, diverse organic food can be grown in China. The main organic products exported are processed vegetables, soybeans, honey, grains, green tea, herbal medicines and beans, which are mostly raw and semi-processed.


The development of the organic food industry in China


The concept of organic food was introduced in China after the reform and opening-up policy. By 2018, China’s organic agriculture acreage ranked third in the world, accounting for 4.5% of the total acreage of global organic agriculture and 50% in Asia. From 2002 to 2013, many laws were introduced to regulate the orderly market environment of organic agriculture. Thus after 2013, organic agriculture in China entered a stage of rapid development.


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