CBME China 2024

17-19 July 2024 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China

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New to CBME China 2014 – OEM/ODM Pavilion

New to CBME China 2014 – OEM/ODM Pavilion

Looking for credible OEM/ODM suppliers to expand your product list? Look no further! CBME China is the perfect venue where you will meet with China’s top OEM/ODM companies for children, baby and maternity products, specify your sourcing needs and form new business partnerships. Here’s the list of the OEM/ODM suppliers you will meet at the show floor.


+ Maternity and Baby Care Products

Company Name Booth Number
Shenzhen Xingdebao Plastic Products Co., Ltd E6A39
Taizhou Huangyan Dazhuo Plastic Mold Co., Ltd E6A48
Jinjiang Hengzhi Paper Co., Ltd E6A32 E6A33
Taizhou Keaide Biddy Product Series For Baby Co., Ltd E2A01 E2A02 E2A03
Baoda Baby Necessities Manufacture Factory E2B18 E2B19
Shaoxing Elite Hygienic Life Co., Ltd E6C20
Nan Liu Enterprise (Pinghu) Co., Ltd E3A25
Shenzhen Vinner Health Products Co., Ltd E2C22
Imperial Palace Commodity (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd E3C05 E3C06
Hengfa Hygiene Products Co., Ltd E4C45
Guangzhou Lovely Commodity Co., Ltd E4A28
Hangzhou HaoYue Industrial Co., Ltd E2B05 E2B06
Guangzhou Hengfa Babythings Co., Ltd E6A37
Jieyang city master Baby Products Co., Ltd E6A38
Qingyuan Xingzhan Industry&Trade Co., Ltd E6A47
HuiZhou Nuwipes Industry Co., Ltd E6A36
American Hygienics Corporation E4C11
Oji Paper Nepia(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd. E4A24
Shanghai Xianjing plastic products Co.,Ltd. E6A49
Shanghai GETELL Display Products CO., Ltd. E5E31
Mamisgo (HK) Trading Company W1A07
Danyang Tinghuang Bra Underwear Co., Ltd E6A35
E.I Corpporation W1B19-3
ST Electronics Co., LTD W1A21

+ Toys, Educational Products and Souvenirs

Company Name Booth Number
Transtek Automotive Products Co., Ltd W2C20 W2D01
Shandong Qiyue Children Tricycle Co., Ltd W3B09
Beijing Popdino Co., Ltd W1A08 W1A09
Scientific PU Foam Co., Ltd W3A17
Shenzhen Gaoshang Products Co., Ltd. W3B51 W3B50 W3B61 W3B60

+ Children, Baby and Teenager Clothing, Footwear and Accessories

Company Name Booth Number
Villa Enterprise Co., Ltd CA16
Quanzhou Amoykids Co., Ltd W4E36
JinhuaOhbaby Infant And Child Products Co., Ltd.  W4E49
Rayshine (Shanghai) Company, Ltd W4E47 W4E48
Shanghai ACAP Co.,Ltd W4E37 W4E38
Jinan Baby Love Titijoy Baby & Enfant Garment Co., Ltd W4E46
Taizhou City Jiaojiang River Mingfeng Crafts Factory W4E39
Yiwu City Juli Plastic Products Co.,Ltd W4E35
Guangzhou Winnas Garment & Accessory Co., Ltd W4E45
Hualian garment Component enterprise Co.,Ltd W4B25 W4B24 W4B23

+ Baby Carriages, Car Seats and Furniture

Company Name Booth Number
Kunshan Vigorkids Child Products Co., Ltd W1A01
Fairland Products Inc. W1B07 W1B08
Ningbo Welldon Manufacturing Co., Ltd W2B03
Jinjiang Carnival Baby Products Co., Ltd W2C04
Changzhou Tongjia Child Seat Co., Ltd. W2B07 W2B26
Bair Kids Necessities Co., Ltd W2E19 W2E20
Jiangsu Best Baby Car Seat Mfg.Co., Ltd. W2C24 W2E23
Ningbo Xerez & Bellelli Baby Products Co., Ltd. W2A21
Time Crown Clock UK Co., Ltd W2B34
Huizhou Always Shine Commodity Co., Ltd. W2E27
Beilejia Baby & Child Products Co. Ltd. W2E28
Ningbo Bolenn Mfg Co., Ltd W2C22 W2C23
Ningbo Global Kids Baby Products Co., Ltd W1C10 W1C09
Ning Bo Inf Baby Products Co., Ltd W1B05 W1B06 W1C05 W1C06
Superb Era (Zhongshan) Jiayuan Treasure Stroller Co., Ltd W2E48 W2E49
Tingtao Sunveno Co., Ltd W2E50
Kunshan Little Dinosaur Child Products Co., Ltd W2E07 W2E09
Guangzhou Mastela Commodity Co., Ltd W2B33
Shanghai Aillia Industry Co., Ltd W2C08
Zhejiang Enibertz Science and Technology Ltd. W2D07 W2D08
Chang De Yixiang Industrial Co., Ltd W2A06
Ningbo Shenma Children’s Products Co., Ltd W2C15
Suzhou Chengren Aluminum Co., Ltd. W2D35 W2D34
JinjiangJianlaicheng Baby Products Co., Ltd W2C38 W2C37
Zhongshan City Newstars Baby Products Factory W2E31 W2E32
Shandong Legend Baby Children Products Co., Ltd W2C13
Qingdao Aikaya Infants Ltd. W2B29
Tcv Industrial Co., Ltd W1C11 W1C12
Waimanly International Limited W2C46
Chup Shing Trading Co., Ltd W2C16
Well Link Textiles Group Limited W2C36
Joie Children’s Products China Co., Limited W1C41 W1C40 W1E29 W1E28
Wuyi Huaou Furniture Co., Ltd E6E08
Dongguan Crown Shin Baby Appliances Co., Ltd W1E25 W1E24 W1C37 W1C36