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More Mothers Use Social Networks as a Purchase Tool|CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo, Baby market news

Search recommendations on social networks for all types of products before deciding to compare is something that most of consumers do, but according to the new report reveals Fan Finders, there is a group that actively stands above the average: mothers. And most of them, namely 52% of the surveyed, use social networks sometimes before shopping, and a little but important group, 8% do it systematically before each purchase


Mothers and stand out as researchers, especially in cases where they are going to make a major purchase (car, furniture, electronics). In this case the percentage of mothers who investigates through social networks amounted to 67% and this, 30% of respondents said they read at least a couple of reviews before making a decision. 

Mothers connected early in the morning 
Thus, social networks are revealed certainly a tool of great influence. Of these, the most popular platform and therefore influential is Facebook (to 84%), which mainly accessed from your smartphone. In addition, from early morning already connected: 4 out of 10 log in at least once at eight o'clock. 

According to other data from Experian, mothers use social networks up to 20% more than the average user, and use soars among those with children under five, who are more than twice as likely as the rest of the population of use three times a day. But what most mothers do on social platforms? 

Communities of parents 
Calling grandma or parents to learn how to bathe the child, now, ¿who do that? Instead, many mothers are turning to social networks, not only to learn about products and brands, also to answer your questions regarding child care. Proof of this is that 43% of respondents are part of a community of parents on social networks. 

This phenomenon also involved men and 91% of fathers with children under 18 used the Internet to access information about them, of them, 83% reported using social networks to share good news (71%), find information (74%) or receive support (65%). But mothers are more active, because the percentage of those who use social networks to share good news is 88%. In addition, 66% of mothers admitted sought information on issues related to maternity during the last month (compared to only 42% of parents).

Source: key4communications