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Millennial Parents, the Next Huge Generation |CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo, Baby market news

Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, are young people known for its stretch relationship with the new technologies and the online world. Further, they are an important part of the next wave of consumers, a generation in which brands and companies should focus. The millennial generation, or Generation Y, is currently starting to settle down and start a family, in which consume habits will change compared to those habits we have sawn till now. 


How do the millennial parents be like? 

According to a Crowdtap study, come across with a millennial that is not a weird thing. Actually, in the United States, one third of all homes has already a millennial as a head of the family, and forecasts show that in a few years this percentage will grow. According to the report, 80% of north American millennials will become a parent in the next decade. 

When a baby reaches a home is a perfect moment for brands and companies to be prepared, because families cannot avoid the fact of spending money. Parents must spend money in different stuff such as honeycombs, furniture or clothes. Moreover, the study reports that millennials think being a good parent is “seeing the family needs as the most important thing”, which drives the thought that the coming generations will spend a huge part of its budget when being parents. 

Technology and millennial parents 

Generation Y has made of the technology an important part of their life, something which is going to be maintained when they will be parents. In that sense, millennials will look up for paternity information through specialized websites, as well as blogs, or social networks such as Pinterest, Youtube or Instagram. 46% of mothers and 35% of dads consider that social networks information is extremely useful.


In the same way they look up the online world to obtain information, Millennials use it for purchasing. Electronic commerce is on of the most important trends for this generation. That is why millennial paternity brands should be prepared. 

It is true that the millennial generation is maturing, but it is doing it in its own way, according the a Turner study. As the report assures, these young people is got used to a modus vivendi, and despite they are growing, they will keep on being millennials.

Source: key4communications