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Lego Grows To Match The Consumers Increasing Demand

The Danish toy company Lego announced, last 21st Lego-Media.pngOctober, to extending
its facilities and the workers number in the platforms of Mexico, Hungry
and Denmark in order to match the increasing demand from children and
customers in the worldwide. The increasing in Monterrey factory, Mexico,
will start on November 2015 and will count with a 100 million dollar
invest. The remodelling, which is planned to be finished in 2018, will
cause a personal increasing till the double of employers and a surface

Related to the platform situated in Nyíregyháza, Hungry, the factory
surface will grow from 120.000 m2 to 290.000 m2 and employers could
reach till 4.000 in front of the 2.400 actual ones. In the other side,
the platform situated in Billund, Denmark, will receive new technology
invests in the next year and a increasing of 150 employers.

Apart from the changes that the company planes to carry out in
Mexico, Hungry and Denmark, Lego increased, this year, its Kladno
factory (Cheque Republic) and it is now building its first platform in

Source: insideretail.asia