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Latest! China’s newborn population in 2023 reached 9.02 million.

On January 17th, the National Bureau of Statistics released data stating that the total number of births for the year was 9.02 million, with a birth rate of 6.39‰. The total number of deaths was 11.1 million, resulting in a death rate of 7.87‰. The natural population growth rate was -1.48‰.

The birth rate of China vs. other countries:

Graph 1: The total births in 2023 with China’s real number of births
Source: United Nations, National Bureau of Statistics of China (2024)

According to National Bureau of Statistics of China(2024), which present the United Nations’ estimated birth population. China remains the second-largest country in terms of estimated birth population, following India.

China vs. developed countries

In comparison to developed countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea, the data from graph 1 reveals interesting insights about China. While China’s actual birth rate of 6.39 is lower than the estimated birth rate of 11.03 in the United States, China’s actual number of births, reaching 9.02 million, is still more than twice the estimated figure of 3.74 million for the United States. Additionally, compared to the United Kingdom, China’s births in 2023 is approximately 13 times greater than the UK’s estimated population.

In comparison to Japan and South Korea, China’s number of births is 11 times and 31 times their respective estimates. This indicates a substantial newborn population in China, emphasizing the vast potential of the children, baby and maternity market.

China vs. developing countries

Compared to developing countries like Indonesia and Brazil, China’s number of births, at 9.02 million, exceeds their respective figures by three times and two times. While China has been surpassed by India as the second-largest country in terms of estimated birth population, China’s per capita GDP of $12300 far exceeds that of India.. Therefore, China holds a significant advantage in the maternity and baby market among developing countries, showcasing substantial market potential.

Graph 2: China’s population aged 0-14 years and its percentage of the total population
Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China

The data illustrates a consistent upward trend in the number of children aged 0-14, indicating a substantial and continuously expanding market for maternity and children products. This implies a promising business opportunity in the Chinese market, with considerable potential for growth and profitability in the coming years.


In 2023, although China’s birth rate is declining, however the number of births is higher compared to other developed and developing countries. Furthermore, the proportion of children aged 0-14 in the total population is on the rise in China. This signifies that the existing market size for maternity and baby products in China is substantial and steadily growing, indicating significant potential in the children baby and maternity market.

About CBME 2024:

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