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International Child Safety Seat Standard Took Effect from December, 2011

Since December 1, 2011, the National Compulsory Standard on Child Safety Seat and the Related Products drafted by China Automotive Technology & Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the Standard) has taken effect officially. The Standard includes technological requirements on child safety seats and the compulsory requirement that all automobiles must be sold with ISOFIX system and so on.

The full name for ISOFIX is International Standards Organization FIX. In Chinese, it is called Guo Ji Biao Zhun Hua Zu Zhi Gu Ding Zhuang Zhi. This is a new standard on the child safety seats fixed in automobiles. With such system, child safety seats can be mounted in an auto in a quicker and easier manner.  The Standards has been gradually accepted by more and more auto makers. ISOFIX interface has been mounted in auto when the finished auto is shipped from factory. The seat manufacturers should also mount ISOFIX interface on child safety seats.

In this way, ISOFIX child safety seats can be fixed into the ISO FIX interface in the auto. It is said since 1970’s the developed countries in Europe and the United States have commenced on the researches on how to protect children’s safety in the driving automobiles. Up until now, over 40 countries in the world have staged laws and regulations in this regard. According to a survey on-line recently, half of the surveyed netizens agreed that public awareness of child safety in driving automobiles needs to be rectified and about 90% surveyed netizens supported issuing and implementing new national standards in this regard.