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Interactive Toy Accessories Increased Their Sales|CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo, Baby market news

Within an overall stagnant US video game market, interactive toy accessory sales experienced 13% growth in 2015, according to the most recent findings from market research firm The NPD Group. 


That level of accessory growth is attributed to strength in the ever-popular – and increasingly competitive – interactive gaming toy category, which was the leading accessory of the year thanks to franchises like Activision’s Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions and Nintendo Amiibo. 

According to NPD’s summer 2015 Interactive Gaming Toys report, 70% of parents surveyed in the US are familiar with interactive gaming toys (also known as toys-to-life), with 40% owning items from at least one of the three main franchises, Skylanders, Disney Infinity or Nintendo Amiibo, and 41% of that group owning more than one franchise. In terms of dollars spent over a six-month period from late 2014 to early 2015, parents estimated they shelled out an average of US$131 on games and characters from one of those franchises. 

On an overall annual basis for 2015, hardware sales decreased by 4%, with console and portable sales both dropping by the same amount.  But new consoles proved to have a fruitful holiday season, as December 2015 marked the best month to date for Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One unit sales. December also marked the second-best month for Nintendo’s Wii U’s new physical software unit sales.

Sourced: key4communications