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IMC Toys to launch a new Mickey Mouse Toy Range

IMC Toys will launch a new range of toys of Mickey Mouse in EuropeQQ截图20151030182600.jpg,  Middle East and Africa the 2016 summer. The launch will be supported  with a fully comprehensive marketing campaign where will be highlighted a full range of collectible action figures, playgrounds and vehicles with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald and Daisy again taking the center  stage.

Also, this release will serve as a warm up for the premiere of the new  animated series Mickey's Roadster Racers, which will debut on Disney  Junior channels and other channels worldwide in 2017. Jordi Borrell,  director of marketing for IMC Toys says “I truly believe on the one  hand, we have nailed down a very competitive price in our  range of   products while on the other delivering to children a sense of adventure  and family values within a hilarious creative environment".

Source: key4communications