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Fashion Baby ranks the No.1

Fashion Baby ranks the No.1 



For the month of April 2014, the sales of magazine Fashion Baby, which is UBM China (Hangzhou)’s consumer publication targeting China’s moms, ranks the No.1 in the industry. It monthly reaches over 1 million target audiences in China’s key cities.


Delivering most scientific, sharable and fashionable parenting content, the magazine offers great opportunities for moms to try innovative products, fashion, cosmetics and get a different point of view of childcare. The magazine releases at the very beginning of each month, and the distribution channels include street stands, metro stands, bullet train stands, airport stands, book stores, shopping malls, post-pregnancy care centers, café shops, beauty salons, high-end hotels in China.


Meantime, the magazine regularly launches in-store promotion activities and face to face interactions with readers and sales persons from baby stores. For now, it is used by over 50% of China’s children baby and maternity products as an effective sales personnel training tool.