2-4 December 2024 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Futian), China

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Explore 7 Highlights of CBME China 2024! Larger Scale, Higher Specification, More Comprehensive Categories

320,000 sqm Exhibition Area

4,500+ High-quality Brands

100,000+ Buyers

Shanghai International Children Baby and Maternity Products Industry Expo (CBME China)

CBME Children Education Expo

CBME Supply Chain Expo

Super Snack Expo (SSE)

4-in-1 Grand Show

17-19 July 2024

NECC (Shanghai), China

13 Exhibition halls, showcasing full categories of Children, Baby and Maternity products, creating a comprehensive trade service platform for all channels.

The show gathers 4,500+ high quality brands from all over the world, covering categories like baby food, mother and baby care products, toys, children’s wear, etc.

Brands from 30 countries or regions worldwide, including international pavilions from North America, Japan, the UK, Singapore, South Korea, France, Australia, New Zealand, Norway etc., bringing a wide range of quality products including high-end children’s clothing, oral care, sleep management, feeding products, nutrition and health, educational toys, etc.

Focusing on new maternity and baby products and showcasing in Hall 1.2, known as the “New” Pavilion. Through comprehensive and immersive promotion, buyers will be able to effortlessly explore the latest globally launched products and trends in the maternity and baby industry.

•          New Product Collection Street

•          Fresh Super New Product Garden

•          New Product Launch

•          Truth Blossom Zone

•          New Product Appreciation Limited Edition Delegation

•          Pop-up Brand Interviews

【3】New Maternity and Baby: Beyond the Cradle
Expanding into All-Around Family and School-age Children’s Categories

As the driving force behind family consumption, mothers’ purchasing demands extend beyond just baby products. By targeting the precise mother demographic and expanding consumer scenarios, we unlock new business opportunities and drive incremental growth. Introducing the brand-new “New” Pavilion in Hall 1.2, featuring an exclusive mother and baby zone that designed to stay ahead of emerging consumer trends.

•          E-commercial Popular Products Collection Street

•          Exquisite Mom’s Products Collection Street

•          Snack Collection Street

Trend Exhibition Area

Embrace Cross-boundary Adventures and Break Barriers Innovatively:

Uniting the forces of innovation and gathering the industry’s forefront of creativity and inspiration, we unveil the emerging trends in maternity and baby lifestyle consumption. This captivating showcase presents a fusion of ideas from diverse domains, showcasing the future of maternity and baby lifestyle and ushering in a new era of consumer trends.

CBME VISION Future Maternity and Baby Trend Zone

Outdoor Parent-Child Zone

New Marketing Zone

Children’s Fashion Trends Zone


New Quality Zone:

Centered around the theme of trends, an exhibition area has been curated to highlight the advancements in new materials, ingredients, and packaging. This showcase unveils the latest breakthroughs and practical applications of innovative technologies, starting from the very source.

Multidimensional Theme Summit

As a forward-looking industry platform, the 2024 CBME Children, Baby and Maternity Industry Summit will combine hot industry topics, focusing on various trending categories and themes such as marketing, retail, etc., deeply analyzing current industry trends, gathering industry strength, leading the summit of dialogue.


CBME AWARDS have always been an authoritative honor in the Children, Baby and Maternity’s industry. Committed to selecting attractive, creative, and promising products that embody both fashion and intelligence, these awards have played a crucial role in helping numerous maternity and baby products successfully transition from new product launches to market realization.

【5】Gathering of 100,000 Buyers. Numerous New Channels Rapidly Expand Your Network

This year, in addition to agents, children, baby & maternity products integrated shop, boutique mother & baby shop, online channel merchants, baby and children’s department stores, we also invite professional buyers from postnatal care centers, kindergartens, early childhood education centers, and other channels, as well as top celebrities from all platforms such as Sina, Douyin, Red, Kuaishou, Channels, etc., to the exhibition site. Over 40 types of channel buyers gather, enabling precise business connections.

With consumer segmentation leading to continuous category refinement, CBME China 2024 aims to meet increasingly segmented consumer demands by presenting more refined category planning and services:

– Each hall is more subdivided into categories, which is convenient for visitors to visit the show conveniently;

– Clearly demonstrate the matchmaking requests of exhibitors and quickly find matching buyers;

– On-site precise category and channel matchmaking meetings for efficient matching;

– Online venue goes live one month in advance, showing exhibitors and buyers’ refined needs, and online matchmaking appointment in advance, extending the exhibition cycle.

Specialized Theme Matchmaking Meetings

Several specialized theme matchmaking meetings will be set up onsite, helping boutique maternity and baby stores, TOP retail chains, overseas buyers, quality agents, influencers, MCNs, platforms, etc., to efficiently connect with brands, seizing business opportunities during the exhibition.

CBME Supply Chain Expo focuses on the categories of daily chemicals, food, feeding, paper products and apparel, helping 45,000+ professional buyers and 800+ exhibitors to match up and find high-quality partners, such as OEM/ODM factories, design, and packaging companies.

CBME China 2024

17-19 July 2024

NECC (Shanghai), China


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