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CCTV Coverage of Radiation-proof Clothes Aroused Public Attention

CCTV program Truth Research disclosed the “lie” of radiation-proof clothes with the experts of electronic testing laboratory through a series of tests. According to the test result, the radiation-proof clothes do screen over 90% radiation source from single direction but fails to exert protection function from the complicated electromagnetic radiation source from different directions in our daily life. What’s worse is that it multiplies the radiation intensity in the area covering with the radiation-proof clothes. The test result “Dishonest Radiation-proof Clothes” aroused much attention on-line.

As a matter of fact, radiation-proof is always a hot topic. The said CCTV coverage not only lashed the domestic radiation-proof industry, but also aroused consumer concerns. As a result, such virus-like popularity tends to mislead the popularity itself departing from its original normal orbit. More seriously, many websites simply titled their paged with “CCTV coverage: wearing radiation-proof clothes will get more harm” to lure netizen to visit their websites. Slim camel, the nickname of a member of Science Squirrel Club, a very popular non-profit club committed itself to publicize scientific knowledge, once said to CBME that even today we have no reliable proof of harmful effect on human body from the electromagnet radiation from the radiation source such as PC and mobile phones in our daily life. Even if the radiation intensity becomes more intense when you wear a piece of radiation-proof clothes, you need no hurry to worry about such radiation if it is not intense enough to hurt you.

As to the amplified radiation-proof products, netizen nicknamed “calm-down passer-by” joked that “the biggest effect of radiation-proof clothes should be announcing to the public that ‘I am a pregnant’ … especially for the new-pregnant with a not-easy-to-notice body change.”