CBME China 2024

17-19 July 2024 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China

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CBME organized business seminars in Cologne, Germany and Kentucky, USA

CBME organized business seminars in Cologne, Germany and Kentucky, USA


The Children, Baby and Maternity Industry Expo (CBME) brought a team of expert speakers to Germany and the United States to educate international maternity, baby and children products vendors on the huge market opportunity that awaits them in China.


Held concurrently with Kind + Jugend in Cologne, Germany and ABC Kids Expo in Kentucky, USA, last September and October respectively, the “Unlock the Doors to China’s Children Baby & Maternity Products Market” business seminar provided both American and European suppliers an in-depth look at China’s maternity, baby and children products market.


The Seminar covered a series of topics, including —

  • China’s baby, children and maternity products market landscape
  • The Chinese consumer: their spending habits and factors affecting purchasing behavior
  • Distribution channels and supply chain in China
  • The essentials for doing business in China
  • Best practices to succeed and grow your business in China


“China’s children, baby and maternity products industry is young and growing rapidly. With 15 to 20 million babies born each year, it is currently the world’s second largest consumer market for babies and children’s products after the United States. The market demand is expected to hit US$304 billion by 2015.” says Athena Gong, General Manager of CBME.


“There is much room for growth and expansion in this industry. With this seminar, we give international brands, suppliers and vendors a better understanding of the China market and help them explore business opportunities beyond Europe and the United States.”


Seminar attendees were treated to an afternoon of expert education, good F&B and key take-away on how to bring their products to the hands of Chinese consumers.