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CBME China 2014 Innovative Product Awards—Honoring Innovations and Innovators

CBME China 2014 Innovative Product Awards—Honoring Innovations and Innovators


CBME China 2014 Innovative Product Awards represents huge honor for innovation pioneers in Children Baby Maternity Industry. This October, on CBME China’s annual autumn seminar, the rarest honor in industry was finally, officially and ceremoniously given to Dolphinstar, Pigeon, Goodbaby, Huile and Aqueduck.

The CBME Innovative Product Awards delivers what presents true value to customers. Based on respect for technology, design innovation and care concept, CBME China honors original patented products that have shown rapid advances and innovations with the CBME China Innovative Product Awards. With the winners’ tracking on consumers growing far more penetrating, their products fully express the most-wanted innovations.


CBME China Innovative Product Awards, a highlight of CBME Awards, aims to encourage independent research and development on products with highest quality and certified safety that benefit both mothers and babies. By providing a platform for inspiring innovative products, CBME hopes to share common honor of whole cooperation terrace in the industry.


Winners of this were finally picked and proclaimed by the “100-person judge panel”; together with votes by CBME China 2014 visitors including distributors, wholesalers, retailers, professional buyers; and a simultaneous online vote.


The winners of the CBME China 2014 Innovative Product Awards:


Best Baby Bedding and Furniture: Harry 4-in-1 crib by Dolphinstar. Convertible multi-function furniture that can be used as a crib, bed, couch or even a desk.


Best Feeding Product: Smart Dual-effect Electric Breast Pump by Pigeon. Portable with a silent motor and adjustable suction pressure and speed, this breast pump also uses “Skin-friendly Seal Brassiere” technology enabling moms to express milk comfortably.


Best Baby Travel Gear: Car Seat CS868 by Goodbaby. Separable design for base and the seat makes this car seat easy to install while still providing high level of comfort.


Best Educational Product: Interactive Game Table by Huile. Integrating different tools, blocks and colors, this game table aims to develop the child’s motor skills and at the same time stimulates brain development.


Best Baby Care and Hygiene Product: Tap Extender by Aqueduck. An innovative product helps kids to reach the tap easily as they wash their hands.


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