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CBME Autumn Seminar Hit a Great Success

CBME Autumn Seminar Hit a Great Success



The annual seminar, CBME China Autumn Seminar, has hit a great success from Oct.29 to Oct.31 last week! Participants include 250 suppliers, over 150 agents and retailers in the children baby maternity industry. CBME Awards 2014 has been officially announced on afternoon of Oct.30, especially the most expected Winners of Innovative Products Awards 2014 ( view the winners here ). During the 3-day seminar, several top opinion leaders in the industry shared their insights and thoughts on the development of China’s market, innovations because of internet, Public Relationship management and consumptive habit change of young consumers.


Athena Gong, the General Manager of CBME, also gave her speech on children baby and maternity industry survey report which has helped plenty of people better understand the market and better make the promotion plan.


Besides, Yoga is available for participants of the seminar every early morning. And participants also shared individual experience or ideas with each other in a summit on the last day.