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Amazon Race to Control Child eBook Market

Amazon took a further step in book publication market after launching Kindle Fire on the definite target consumers: children. The Publication Department of Amazon has purchased the copyright of over 450 children books published by Marshall Cavendish. But, it is just a starting point.

Jeff Belle, the Vice President of Amazon Publishing of Amazon claimed in a statement: “We are very pleased that we have bought the copyright of the children books from Marshall Cavendish to expand our publication business. We believe that children book segment market is a unique chance of innovation based on paper books and ebooks. At present, most of those children books have not had ebook edition yet. For us, this is a chance to link excellent authors and illustration artists and readers. In the future, we will have the similar chances in other categories.”

Amazon did not have strong competitiveness in colorful children ebooks for it did not equipped with colorful ebook reader equipment before it launched Kindle Fire. Now, Amazon is triggering to catch up other rivals. Maybe Amazon still has a long way to go, for there are only 401 books in its category of Kindle Fire Children Books. Amazon not only sells colorful children books from Marshall Cavendish, but also publishes them. Amazon now is able to launch ebooks instead of waiting for publishers to publish books just like before. As a publisher, Amazon can sell ebooks on its own website only. At present, the children ebook market in China is just emerging and the potential is hard to understate.