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Advice on Raise 0-36 Month Kids (5) | CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo

During pregnancy

The time of preparation

Before the baby arrives, most women experience a “nesting period” – that urge to clean, organize and prepare for the big day when you welcome your baby into the world. Picking out nursery decor and clothing, stocking up on diapers and wipes, as well as choosing board books and infant toys for your child are exciting parts of this pregnancy phase. Familiarizing yourself with the baby stages of development will help you to know which activities and interactions will be most essential in promoting your child's physical, emotional, cognitive, and social growth during these early months.

Understanding your baby's needs and abilities will also enable you to more fully nurture your child, provide a safe environment, strengthen that sense of attachment, and further develop a loving parent-child relationship.

Source: B Kids