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Advice on Raise 0-36 Month Kids (4) | CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo

From 24 to 36 months

The time of experience

This is the age where children want to be grown up and try things on their own, but also need that sense of security from their parents. It’s important to prepare your toddler to experience the world by supplying them with love and assurance. Allowing them to try simple tasks like putting on a shirt or picking up their blocks gives young children a sense of accomplishment.

Language development during this stage also takes a giant leap and the dreaded “No!” becomes a part of your child’s vocabulary due to her growing independence. Luckily, vocabulary continues to increase during this time which allows her to communicate more effectively.

Children at this age are a lot of fun, but definitely keep you on your toes!

At this stage, your toddler may also:

– Realize the feelings of others and respond in a caring way (“Don’t cry” or “I”m sorry”)

– Recognize different shapes and be able to distinguish them by fitting them into correct spaces

– Arrange objects in order as well as create piles and stack them

– Expand from saying one word to using full sentences

– Recite and sing favorite songs and stories

Source: Bkids