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Advice on Raise 0-36 Month Kids (2)| CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo

From 6 to 12 months

The time of discovery

This stage in a baby’s life is all about discovery. Each day presents itself with an opportunity for a baby to learn something new through the use of his senses. He also starts to realize that his body can do different things which is demonstrated in his ability to creep, crawl, and, eventually, stand up! Solid foods are commonly introduced at this stage which allows babies to experience new tastes and textures. They become more skilled at grasping small pieces of food and feeding themselves. Everything else in their path tends to go in their mouths too!

As much as this age group yearns to explore and discover, they also become wary of new people and may protest when left with someone other than mum or dad. They also begin to understand the concept that objects or people exist even if they are not in view and will look for a hidden toy or find daddy under a blanket . Through a baby’s eyes, every day is seen as a new adventure while relying on his parents to encourage and guide him along.

At this stage, your baby may also:

– Use hands to reach for and grab objects as well as throw them

– Imitate simple animal sounds and begin to jabber (baby talk)

– Respond to patterns in music by waving hands, babbling along, or moving rhythmically

– Interact with other children by reaching for, smiling at, and touching them

Find amusement when his actions cause a consequence such as pushing a button that plays music or squeezing a toy that makes a noise.

Source: B Kids