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Advice on Raise 0-36 Month Kids (1) | CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo

From 0 to 6 months – The time of dependence

Babies at this stage are completely dependent and come into the world seeking a secure, loving environment. At first, an infant sleeps most of the time. Awake time is spent having physical needs met (such as diaper changes and being fed) and forging an attachment with parents. Newborns are able to distinguish faces and will gaze at their caregiver who returns the gaze. By three weeks, some babies are able to smile imitating their nurturer's expression. They can even recognize their mother's voice.

During the first few weeks, they are also working to raise their heads, arch their bodies, and flex their legs. At two to five months, babies can be propped up in a sitting position. By four to six months, they have figured out how to roll over! At six months, most babies can sit up all by themselves and love to play games like peek-a-boo.

Engaging in these fun activities, talking and singing to your baby, showing affection, and meeting physical and emotional needs are vital to healthy development.

At this stage, your baby may also :

– Grasp and release things they touch

– Discover fingers and toes and play with them

– Respond to talking or singing with coos and babble

– Express feelings through certain cries, facial expressions, body language, and noises

– Recognize and be soothed by familiar lullabies and songs

 Source: B Kids