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Activision Blizzard Buys King Digital Entertainment By 5,900 Million Dollars

Activision Blizzard, a US company known for games like Call of Duty, has
bought King Digital Entertainment, multinational known for owning the
mobile game Candy Crush. With a sale by 5.900 million dollars (5.353
million euros), we face the most substantial acquisition in the sector
so far this year. The transaction was unanimously approved by the board
of Activission Blizzart, although still missing approval by shareholders
of King Digital Entertainment, as well as the authorization of the High
Court of Ireland, country where the company is headquartered.


Referent to the users the Candy Crush Company accumulates,
Activission CEO, Bobby Kotick, said that "with a combined global network
of more than 500 million active users, our potential to reach more
audiences around the world will allow us to offer great games."

It's also expected that the acquisition will just bee completed in
the spring of 2016, maintaining the current leadership as CEO Riccardo
Zacconi, despite the change in ownership.

Source: key4communications