CBME China 2024

17-19 July 2024 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China

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A Great Start of the Season

What’s new, pussycat? 

Cats are definitely a trend,
especially big black ones, from an iron-on application with
glow-in-the-dark eyes from Bij Kiki to the irresistible black stuffed
animal Caspar from Jellycat. Kitties have always been popular, of
course, so what was new? 
The successful open circular layout
of MARKET by kleine fabriek channels all the focus on the product,
making it easy to see which products are new. Like the clever eco-cotton
‘knotted’ sleeping bags with non-toxic prints – of, for instance, a
mermaid’s tail or magnified measuring tape – from the Canadian label
Electrik Kidz that made its debut in the European market at the event. 
We saw fabulous diaper bags
that just as easily can be used as a shopper, laptop bag or iPad sleeve
in; for example, Ibiza style from the new Berlin brand Mara Mea, and a
diaper pouch in soft leather packaged in a lovely baby shower gift box,
the result of a collaboration between the new Dutch baby label Mies
& Co and Van Veer. 
There were perfect gifts aplenty at
Market by kleine fabriek, from tins with cheerfully illustrated 100%
natural anti-mosquito stickers for the little ones from Squitos, cute
rucksacks in the shape of a hedgehog, polar bear or fox for the first
day of school from Trixie Baby and the new Play&Go play mat from OKU
for fast and easy tidying up by storing all toys. OKU, the specialist
in eco-friendly wooden toys, presented yet another new product called
Kapla Challenge, a small set of the famous building boards
(kabouterplankjes), but with highly challenging building projects. After
all, one thing is certain in the kids business – there’s always a next
New focus & new names 
An important trend we’ve noticed is brands returning to their roots,
their original DNA. They are not returning to square one, but
emphasising their distinctiveness. At M-Agency, the popular brand Like
Flo has returned completely to its home territory, but with an updated
design team. There was also considerable showcasing of new names like
the Dutch By-Bar by Barbara Brenninkmeijer, the new edgy label MISS
Sophies, the new Leoca brand from Paris, a high-end girl’s label with a
real haute couture feel – which can only be expected considering that
one of the founders is the owner of Colette – and, finally, the brand
Andorine of Portugal, which has succeeded in snaring no less than
Beyoncé daughter Blue Ivy as its ambassador. All of these are real
‘treats’ for high-end children’s fashion boutiques.

The ‘mini-me’ trend
is also here to stay, with designers basing their concepts more and
more on the tastes of fashion-minded mums and dads, but with an even
greater accent on the kids. The new Danish label The New for boys and
girls is a good example of this, with sophisticated materials, lots of
black and high-fashion influences like luxury details and athleisure
with a touch of glitter, but 100% kidsproof. 
Speaking of
trends, Manon from online kids fashion magazine JustbyManon.nl quickly
identified a few cool trends at Market by kleine fabriek: lots of
fringe, clipped flock prints galore, continued popularity of the bomber
and embroidery with the most exquisite level of detail, but what stood
out most was the colour dark green in almost every collection. It could
be seen absolutely everywhere, even in the MARKET campaign and decor. 
New territories 
One of the most challenging characteristics of the children’s fashion and lifestyle branch is that children grow up:
that cute baby phase is over in a flash and, before you know it, your
baby is a teenager. There is considerable potential, for instance, at
the top of the size range for labels with enough ‘cool factor’. One such
brand is Molo, which now ranges to size 176 and has adapted its logo to
this change, with a sleeker larger M without the hand. 
fashion shop Wijsneus of Groningen is also looking for ways to grow
along with its target group and, thanks to its new building, can do just
that. “Customers grow along with you and want to continue visiting your
shop, at least the brick-and-mortar one. So we decided to expand our
product range with must-haves for shopping parents.” 
The opposite is also a trend,
namely turning their focus to the children’s fashion business. At the
last minute, Celia Geraedts and Lotje Terra decided to demonstrate their
natural painting processes with madder, turmeric, grated pernambuco and
indigo at Market by kleine fabriek. They are already active in the
denim world, but launched their kids label Boro Mini this March, which
they produce in their brand-new studio in Amsterdam West, where they
work with Syrian refugees with artisanal skills and the long-term
unemployed. Boro Mini is so ‘eco’ that it is edible – in principle – and
socially responsible!