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4 out of 5 Parents and Assume New Roles Traditionally Linked to Mothers |CBME, Shanghai Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo, Baby market news

The importance of fathers in the day-to-day lives of their children has changed, according to an analysis with more than 50 families Coaching Club. Almost 80% of new parents do chores traditionally assigned to mothers and bathrooms, rides, food and diaper changes.

The traditional family model responded to a lifestyle: the father worked full time in the labor market and the mother was devoted exclusively to the care of children and household (food, cleaning and shopping), but explains Veronica Rodriguez, director of Coaching Club, "this paradigm has been changing almost disappeared and, in any case, is no longer the predominant mode". However, the model of traditional life still appears in commercials and movies and "still part of the ideology of many people and institutions," adds Rodriguez.

Parents physically and emotionally more present

Although parents remain the symbolic guarantor of the family, men have made significant progress in terms of the quality of things and the time they spend with their children. “There is flexibility in the idea of the paternal function, is not only necessary to establish order and discipline, the limits of permissiveness, it is essential to share the education of children. Changing a diaper, for example, don’t blur his authority, but strengthens it”, says Rodriguez. Therefore, more and more new parents begin to take on tasks traditionally assigned to foster mothers and start being more present in the lives of their children not only physically, but also sentimental.
Coaching Club has conducted a survey of men aged 25 and 45 who attend its sessions. 97% of them agree that parents are involved in the care of children far more than in the past and 90% say that gender roles are not as strict and tight as in the past and now feel they have more "permission" to be more sensitive and women to be more stringent.

Baby care products in male style

This trend of parents present in everyday life also generates new products designed for men: Books designed for parents and, in general, a male aesthetic pursue accessories target them feel more comfortable with the care of their babies.

United by technology

A current scene in a restaurant or at a family reunion is that parents, children and grandparents share photos and knowledge about new ways to share what happens. Before wives informed their husbands about the lives of their children, but now the information reaches the father directly and in real time through social networks. It also explains Rodríguez, "the children can teach parents about downloading new apps, platforms for music or movies, as well as find them old songs whose album disappeared into a moving". In this sense, the technology works as a liaison between parents and children.

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