CBME China 2024

17-19 July 2024 | National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China

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3 Highlight Exhibition Areas Specially Supplied in 2012 CBME Expo

With the increasingly stronger consumption power of consumers, CBME market is segmented into more and more categories. To take the advantages of current market trend, 2012 CBME Expo will specially supply 3 highlight exhibition areas to fulfill the concrete needs of manufacturers, including Authorized Cartoon Special Exhibition Area, Toy Transformation & Innovation Upgrade Special Exhibition Area and Organic Food Special Exhibition Area.


Highlight 1: Authorized Cartoon Special Exhibition Area

According to China Cartoon Industry Development Report (2011), the first blue book on cartoon industry in China, 385 TV cartoon films were produced in China in 2010 with a total time of more than 200,000 minutes. In the coming years, the cartoon industry in China will witness a sustained growth. Infant and children products are the major authorization targets of cartoon films. Each manufacturer with cartoon film characters needs to develop authorized distributor market. Against such backdrop, CBME Expo will supply a platform for manufacturers and authorized distributors to have effect contacts.


Highlight 2: Toy Transformation & Innovation Upgrade Special Exhibition Area

With the stronger consumption power of Chinese people, the demand for excellent toys will also increase higher. CBME Expo will set up Toy Transformation & Innovation Upgrade Special Exhibition Area to help more export-oriented toy makers to take their first step to develop domestic market, building their own brands, performing product innovation and expanding sales channels.


Highlight 3: Organic Food Special Exhibition Area

For the special consumer group consisting of pregnant, infant and children, food choices and edible concerns are the key point. The advent of organic food is undoubtedly supply a safe guarantee for these consumers. The rapid growing organic food market speaks itself. CBME Expo will open such special area to help manufacturers to have a full picture of organic food and remove their doubts about the organic food for pregnant, infant and children.

The three highlight special exhibition areas in 2012 CBME Expo will bring more dynamic power for the development of children-baby-maternity industry. Let’s looking forward the advent of 2012 CBME Expo!