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2024 Chinese Maternity and Baby Industry Trend Reflected in the Spring Festival Consumption Data

The consumption data trend in the Spring Festival reflects some new trends in the Chinese maternity and baby industry in 2024.

Recent reports have indicated that the travel flow during the 2024 Chinese New Year holiday was robust, with the consumption rate exceeding expectations. According to relevant data, the cumulative passenger flow in key commercial districts nationwide during the Spring Festival reached 250 million, marking an increase of 18% from last year. It appears that the consumption trend in 2024 is on an upward trajectory.

Which products sold well during the Spring Festival? What new consumption trends can be observed in 2024? And more importantly, what insights can the maternity and baby industry gain from these trends? This report will address these questions.

1. China-Chic Going Viral

During the Spring Festival, products featuring China-chic elements have surged in popularity. From food and clothing to cultural and creative products, China-chic elements are leading a new wave of national consumption.

In fashion, the incorporation of traditional Chinese elements into modern clothing, known as “New Chinese Style”, has become one of the most significant trends this year. Traditional Chinese elements such as embroidery, frog knots, and ink-wash effects are exerting a strong appeal on Gen-Z. There has been a sharp increase in searches for Hanfu since January, with Mamianqun emerging as the most popular item in the Hanfu category. According to JD.com’s 2024 Spring Festival consumption observation, transactions for New Chinese Style clothing, Mamianqun, and Hanfu all experienced an increase in turnover of over 100%.

Toys with Chinese dragon elements are also going viral in both domestic and international markets. JD.com’s data reveals that turnover for dragon-themed toys has more than quadrupled year-on-year. Data from the AliExpress platform also indicates that during the Spring Festival holiday, global sales of toys featuring the Chinese dragon elements increased by 50 times compared to the previous period.

2. Self-Gratification Consumption on the Rise

In recent years, emotional value has become a crucial driving factor affecting consumer decisions, as self-gratification consumption emerges as a key trend.

According to JD.com’s data, the New Year Goods Festival witnessed a remarkable surge in the turnover of jewelry and accessories, registering an impressive 120% year-on-year increase. Consumers born in the 1990s and 2000s are the predominant force behind the rising demand for jewelry and accessories. This transformative shift in consumer psychology is steering the consumer base away from being solely budget-conscious and practical, towards becoming rational pleasure-seekers. The evolving preferences of these consumer groups not only propel the evolution of the consumption market but also infuse fresh vitality into market growth.

For the maternity and baby industry, seizing the self-gratification consumption tendency of the new generation of parents can become an exploratory breakthrough. After all, contemporary parents’ views on parenting are undergoing significant changes. Compared to the previous generation’s spirit of self-sacrifice, the focus on themselves and the consideration of their own values have become the new parenting mentality for the next generation of moms and dads.

3. Customers Demanding Health and Fun in Snacks

Consumer preferences for snacks have expanded beyond just taste, now encompassing the health and fun.

JD.com’s data reveals that consumers are increasingly focusing on the health and functionality of snacks. In the children’s snack category, snacks containing ingredients like flaxseed, DHA, and high calcium are popular. Transactions for flaxseed biscuits and high calcium cheese biscuits have grown by over 10 times and 105% respectively, compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, consumers’ appreciation for fun snacks has also fueled the development of the “food-play” industry. New trends like mysterious boxes and collaborations with big IPs have entered the snack category. The “food-play” category continues to diversify, with unconventionally shaped snacks, creative packaging, and novel eating methods adding to the whole snack experience. The “food-play” industry is rapidly advancing into a fast lane of development.

4. Conveniece Being Favored in Smart Home Applicances

In 2024, the retail market for major home appliances will continue the upward trend seen since last year.

Data from JD.com highlights the heightened popularity of smart home appliances designed to enhance convenience by freeing up hands. Smart kitchen gadgets, stir-fry robots and coffee machines, as well as larger appliances like underwear washing machines, shoe washers, and washing-drying combos, have become particularly favored by consumers. Additionally, there is a growing preference for cleanliness-focused electrical appliances, such as clothing disinfection machines, desktop instant hot water dispensers, and dehumidifiers, contributing to a healthier home environment. It is evident that convenience, time-saving, and effort-saving have become crucial dimensions influencing consumer decisions in the home appliance sector.

This aligns with the demands of the new generation of parents. In 2023, nearly 7 million parents searched for parenting tips on Xiaohongshu, with topics like “effortlessly raising baby” attracting billions of views. Smart parenting small appliances catering to the preferences of the “smart,” “portable,” and “hands-free” parenting approach are expected to become focal points for attention. Examples include smart baby monitors, intelligent milk warmers, smart baby cribs, and intelligent pregnancy monitoring devices.

5. Outdoor Activities Becoming Trendy

During the Spring Festival, sales of skiing sports equipment on JD.com surged by 60% compared to the previous year. Notably, face masks/helmets, snowboard fixatives, and ski clothing sets saw a twofold increase in turnover, while items such as ski goggles, ski poles, and ski pants experienced growth of over 80%. The burgeoning outdoor enthusiasm of 2024 is poised to fuel further consumer spending frenzy. Additionally, insights gleaned from user activity, content trends, and product engagement on Douyin suggest that the conclusion of the winter sports season will usher in a fresh surge of interest in water sports, particularly spurred by anticipation for the Paris Olympics in 2024.

For the maternity and baby industry, there is an opportunity to continue leveraging the growth brought by the outdoor trend. Exploring new demands from the perspective of children’s skiing protective gear, water sports equipment, and other related areas can be a strategic approach to capitalize on this trend.


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